Under $1

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Adults as well as children will enjoy this game, as it can be as challenging as you'd like it to be.

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This game is not hard but enough of a challenge for the player to have a lot of fun.

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By Paul Davis
Save the Pencil is addictive as well as being nice and simple. It's easily worth checking out.

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By Brandon Storms
A ski-adventure must-have classic!

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This simple, 2 dimensional, addictive game needs a few minutes to master, but it is really unique and is fun to play.

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The developer claims this app will make you feel happy, which it certainly does.

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An interesting game where you have to guide chickens to success.

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All in all a simple, fun game which is challenging enough for players young and old.

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By Flamethrower plc
Overall though, this application does its job and should be great for those who need to improve their conversation skills.