On The Hop

‘On The Hop’ The jumper game where jumpers must jump from one sphere to another to complete the level.

This game has over 90 levels for jumpers and also bonus levels too. There is even a death mode which is harder than the standard mode.

Different times of the day are depicted in the graphics so that the jumper is jumping against varied backgrounds. The object of the game is to jump across to each sphere to reach the end of the level. You can collect coins as you go to unlock those bonus levels.

The jumper can choose to hunt for coins at dawn or dusk and the feel of the game changes with each time of the day. There are many obstacles along the way for the jumper to navigate around and jumpers must collect energy particles to save a village from destruction.

Cassiop developers have done a really great job with this game as there are many levels but the download size is very small for the amount of gameplay jumpers will get. This game is not hard but enough of a challenge for the jumper to have a lot of fun.

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