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We pride ourselves on our high-quality text and video reviews for iOS apps, be they for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. We accurately state what the app is for, what are the good sides, what could be improved, and give our final conclusion. You will also find the important data like the genre, the price, who’s the developer, what’s the app size, and the ratings in all the categories (features, value, user interface, speed and learning curve). In short, you will find everything you expect to find in a high-quality app review.

Another thing we’re proud of are our articles. Some of them are informative and entertaining, like the short history of Pac-Man. Others are very useful and deal with the problems many phone or tablet owners have experienced, like saving a water damaged cell phone. If you have a tech-related problem, check out our articles, and you’re almost guaranteed to find an efficient solution.

App Comrade’s History

AppComrade.com was originally run by Octavian Ristea. Octavian also runs a web hosting service, an app marketing service, a web design firm and my his wacky toilet cleaning product.

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Although this site is now named App Comrade, it wasn’t always so. Before being rebranded as App Comrade, it was known as AppReviews4u. AppReviews4u was created and run by  Kevin Baker. In addition to being a blogger, he also a writer, teacher, app developer and indie movie director.

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Kevin lives in Thailand and at any one moment is working on a dozen different projects. Because of the time and effort his other projects require, he decided to sell his site in order to free up his schedule.

The App Comrade’s Approach to Reviews

Here at AppComrade we love checking out new apps. We enjoy toying with them and having fun. However, when it comes to writing reviews, we take it seriously. We’re all end users ourselves, and we want our reviews to have all the details we’d need to know before making an informed decision about whether to spend our hard earned cash on a certain app or not. And that’s what you’ll always get from us: detailed, honest reviews containing all the information you could possibly need.