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By Flamethrower plc

Conversation topics and ideas become a breeze, with a whole host of questions to get the conversation going. Excellent for shy or naturally quiet people. Just choose a category, shake your device and you have a conversation opener appear as if my magic . . .

Having a hard time starting a conversation or need some help cranking up a social activity?  Here’s an app that will shake those problems away!

From my videos you can tell that I stutter a lot.  At times, I can have a hard time starting a conversation with someone,  since I can’t think of any good questions on the spot.  This application turned out to be a great help. It’s name is â??Conversation Shaker 1,000â?. It can be found in the app store for 99 cents and is available for the iPhone. â??Conversation Shaker 1,000â? is rated 5 stars from 5 reviews. However, I did find some flaws which can be improved by the developer  and I will address these correctable issues near the end of this review.

The main purpose or this application is to provide you with one of its 1,000 questions which help you start a conversation. The application is very simple to use and it does serve its original purpose. The application offers a bewildering 1,000 questions that you can ask to start a profound conversation. The application truly nails it when it comes to organization. Each of the ten categories holds 100 questions totaling 1,000 questions, as the name of the app suggests. This handy utility application does add a few of its own icons and designs. However, it is matched with iOSâ??s theme style so the interface looks clearly laid out and simple to grasp. I can see that the simplicity of the app makes it exceptionally easy to use.

Not only does the application offer a huge amount of questions, but the questions provided are extremely effective. A majority of the questions are very good and are better than questions I would try to come up with on my own after hours of effort. When I saw this application in the App Store I browsed around to see any other alternatives. All the other applications werenâ??t very helpful and the questions they provided were unoriginal. The application offers questions such as, â??Describe a time when you lost something very valuable. How did you feel when you finally found it or when you realized it would never have been found?â? As you can see the questions being asked are very good. You can switch from question to question by clicking on the next and previous buttons or shaking the device (only works when viewing a question however).

For each question, you also have the option to add your question to the favourites bank. You can also Tweet the question to boost up activity on Twitter or even send the question. via E-Mail. I like these features because itâ??s hard to type the question correctly on a mobile device and this application simply imputs the questions for you.

Constructive criticism: I also found grammatical errors in many questions on the application. This needs addressing by the developer, since English is a very important part of the application. Some questions arenâ??t spelt correctly, but that shouldnâ??t get in the way of you understanding the question. The application is also a little basic and I found that more effective ways to enhance navigation and time saving could be implemented. For example, when the application loads it starts on the â??Homeâ? screen and that area not contributing to the user’s experience within the app because it is only the appâ??s logo. As a suggestion to the developer, the home screen could maybe only pop up whilst loading and be used as a background to the app’s info screen, instead of slowing down navigation by the user.

Overall though, this application did its deed and should be great for those who need to improve their conversation skills. The application does have a few flaws and there are things that the developer should add. The developer should make sure to first fix the grammar and spelling flaws. The developer should also try to add fun things to make the application look better. One feature I would suggest is the ability for the user to get a random question when shaking the application while it is on the home screen if the home screen were to be left in. This is one app I will be keeping on my device despite the improvements needed, which I am sure will be addressed by the developer in the near future!

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Genre: Lifestyle
Price: Free
Developer: Flamethrower plc
Size: 6.97M
Age Rating: 4+
Rated: 1.95652 by 23 customers.
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