Chickens Quest


Chicken’s Quest, by Gu Gu games is a game of tactics where you only have a certain amount of time to plan your strategy. An evil plot to capture the chickens’ eggs leads you on a rescue mission to guide your chicks back to their parents. Save the chickens.

There is a good storyline animation at the start of the game and really thorough in-game instructions. There are varied soundtracks and backgrounds and you have the option of collecting stars for points. There is a leader board and many achievements to unlock.

I love the bubble themed main screen with each button bouncing around.

The object of the game is to guide the chickens to safety by first scrolling ahead and viewing the terrain that the chicks have to cross. Then you only have a small time frame in which to remove objects in the way and cover up water hazards.

There are different types of obstacles, such as metal crates, destructible crates, logs and other objects.

There are also other objects such as bombs to blow up objects that are in the way of the chicks. The stop signs slow up the chicks and there are other objects that are introduced later on in the game that you can use to assist the chickens.

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