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Mega Blaster is one of those apps that should be Mega Avoided.

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This app is debatably the worst resource for dads ever made.

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Oldschool Blast is an uplifting game that feels and looks like a retro game, but at the same time is fresh and enjoyable.

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Spelling Super Star was designed with the idea that spelling can be fun.

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Tired of boring and un-creative platformers? Hiro in Winterland is the solution to your platformer gaming needs!

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By Horizon Video Technologies Inc.
The Horizon app will finally put an end to ugly vertical videos with its futuristic and stylish image stabilization technology.

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By Team17 Digital Limited
Casual gamers of any age and genre-preference will likely love Worms 3. The value of it is simply phenomenal.

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By Sergey Vdovenko
This is a fun app that helps you learn everything imaginable about the worldâ??s countries.

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By Bianca Ackermann
TinyMons is game is great for children and passing time with friends.