How To Convert Video For Iphone Or Ipod

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Devices like iPhone, iPod or itouch look great due to their video quality, which in turn is due to the MPEG-4 H.264 format which they support.

There are many videos that you may get from the itunes store, but if you go for the videos other than those from the itunes store then you are likely to get them in different format which will only make compromise with your video quality. Thankfully, there are loads of sites and software that have been designed purposely for converting videos for an iphone or ipod. They convert the videos that you already posses and even the videos that are online and you want to download them in future. Here are some solutions for converting videos for your iphone or ipod, ofline as well as online.

Different software and sites for converting videos for your iphone/ipod

ConvertTube is a free software that has been designed for converting videos that are on the internet for an iphone as well as an ipod. The converted video is of the same format which the apple devices support. You just need to copy the URL in the space provided and you would get the converted video in a short time.

VideoDownloaderis another software that is used widely for the purpose of converting videos for apple devices. It is a bit different from other converting software because it does not give you any option for output format. The videos that you see online are directly downloaded and converted for your iphones/ipods.

Utilize your pre-installed Real player for conversion

The real player which is installed already on your device is capable of converting videos for you ipones and ipods. It may prove to be just as effective as any other video conversion software for serving this purpose.  The procedure involves a number of steps that need to be followed in order to get the conversion done successfully. There is a bit of change in the feature involved with real player. Here, you need to re format the audio/ video source formats as well as the output format in order to match appleâ??s requirement.

You need to follow these steps:

  • Visit the website from where you want to download the videos.
  • Move the cursor in the video frame.
  • A box will appear on the top right side of the screen â??download this video.â?
  • Click on that box, the downloading process starts whose progress will be shown by the real player itself.
  • The video automatically gets placed in the real player library.
  • Click on the thumbnail of the clip and select â??convertâ? from it.
  • Select the device for which you need the converted video.
  • Make sure that the output format is H.264 only.
  • Click on the buttons with â??OKâ? written so as to exit details and then press the green start button to start the conversion process.

You get the converted video in the same format you had wished and is best for your iphone/ipods etc.

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Brandon is a tech blogger who loves to write on latest in technology and gadgets. He regularly uses video2mp3 converter to convert his favourite videos to Mp3 format.


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  1. If you are using a Mac ‘MiroVideoConverter’ is great for changing formats for playing videos on other devices, as well as iDevices. It’s on the Mac app store and it only cost me a few dollars if I remember rightly. ‘Video Trim’ is another cheap app on the Mac app store for trimming videos too. I use these two regularly and they haven’t let me down yet.

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