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By Paul Davis

Save The Pencil, by Perfect Dimension is a puzzle game for the iPhone. There is a lite version of this game and also a paid version, currently priced at under $1. On the paid version of the game you are given several additional stages.

This review is for the paid version of the game. This game gives you a lot of game play for your money; as Andre says in the review, he has played this game often and has still not yet reached the additional levels in the full version. All the 5 characters are included in the full version, whereas you only have 3 characters in the lite version. The objective of this game is to reach the red dot on the screen.

Although this sounds quite basic, you really have to think your way through the levels and it can get quite complex. The game is optimised for retina display graphics and is very quick to download, as this game is only 12 megabytes in size. The lite version is only 9 megabytes in size.

It’s a game where you have to join the dots before reaching the red end dot point, but there are many factors in the game. The story behind the game is that the stationary cupboard has gone nuts in an all out rebellion and you as a HB pencil must bear the brunt of their grievances by escaping their wrath.

The pencil needs your help in crazy times.

The main screen layout is nice and simply laid out and has dynamic graphics of some of the characters moving about the screen. The mission selection screen after you press ‘play’ is a scroll view selection layout. You are awarded up to three stars when you finish each stage and there are bonus points which you can pick up too.

The beginning levels start off easy to show you how to play the game. You have to tap on a blue point to move the pencil to that point, aiming to end up on a red dot/point. Sometimes you can start and finish on the same dot. You cannot touch the paper clips, eraser or rulers for instance.

In the review, Andre shows you a complex level where he explains that you can revisit a dot that you have previously gone to. On the demo complex level you’ll see that there is no red dot. Instead, the object was to bring the health of the main eraser down to zero.

There are also moving enemies in the game, so that you have to factor in timing and speed to complete the levels. Although you can still complete the levels with no stars, it is a real challenge to try and get a three star rating however.

Andre finishes off the game by adding that the game is addictive and really good fun to play, as well as being nice and simple. However, one improvement that the developer might want to consider is making the scroll menu into something a bit different to the norm and transforming it into something more original.

UPDATE: Save the pencil now comes with additional dot packs as in-app purchases and there is also an iPad version of this game now.

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Genre: Games
Price: $2.99
Developer: Paul Davis
Size: 22.58M
Age Rating: 4+
Rated: 3.37705 by 61 customers.
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