Pool Twist

This app is a twist on the normal game of pool/billiards on a standard pool table. In fact, this game is so different from say 8-ball or 9-ball pool that it is almost a game with rules unto itself . . .

First of all, this game by Tickle Bits is by no means an awesome game, or up there with the greats, but it is different and a novel twist on the game of billiards. There are no 3D graphical pool balls or pool hall details, but what this app does have is the surprise twist of having different physics objects overlaid on a typical pool table. So, chalk up and prepare for a review of this unique pool game that has a free version on the App Store and also a paid $0.99 full version.

There are some unneeded graphics that clutter this game, such as a ‘The End’ screen and over-cooked graphics on the main screen. This review is for the 7 free levels on the free version. For the main objective on stage 2, you have to hit the green balls into the pockets to gain 5 points. However, if you pot a red ball you forfeit 5 points. If you gain enough points you can progress onto more advanced levels. Progression to more advanced levels is based upon points, rather than clearing the previous level. You control the cue-ball by dragging for power and aiming the blue line up for your shot angle. This control can be a bit tricky to get used to at first. There is also a precision dial to more precisely line up and strike balls. You get 3 shots per round on the virtual pool table. You can also reset the power and cancel the shot as indicated in the video review which is a handy feature.

The game is a little buggy but it is still a really fun game that’s different to the norm. You are awarded stars for your performance on the level. One of the levels includes bricks and a diamond drill object to blast your way through the brick wall. On another level there is a kind of laser pool ball colour changer which shows that this game incorporates many different and imaginative elements.

This simple, 2 dimensional, addictive game needs a few minutes to master, but it is really unique and is fun to play and a very fun virtual pool table with a twist. This game has game centre support.

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