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Robot 99, by Fu-Design is a game that requires speed and dexterity. Is it an i Robot? Is it a robotic missile? . . . No it’s Robot 99! The whaky story behind the game is that there are robots in the clouds that sometimes fall to earth. Your job is to rescue the robots by spring boarding them back into the clouds.

On the screen there is a ‘Powerzonia’ area where you have to tap on the robots to propel them downwards, so that they then bounce back up to their home in the clouds.

This game has something about it that makes it feel both original and oddly enough gave me that ‘Jamie and the Magic Torch’ feeling, for all you readers who might remember this cartoon from way back (Oops, I’m showing my age there).

You have the option to press and hold a robot robotic missile type character in the ‘Powerzonia’ area for extra points. There are multiple levels which you can only unlock after achieving the required points on the previous level.

The only suggestion that I would suggest to the developer would be to include a ‘How To Play’ information button on the main screen. This is because although there are in-game tips, I was so focused on tapping on the robots, I didn’t get a chance to fully understand the effectsgoing on at the bottom of the screen. This would be quite easy to program and incorporate into the game. If there is an outside chance a player will get confused over something, they will, so it’s best to cover all your bases I think. It’s the i robot game of the iPhone.

However, after playing the game a few times over, I saw in my peripheral vision that you need to press, hold and drag the robots so that they hit the launch pad at the bottom off the screen to be effective.

There are also medical packs to restore a life. You start off with 3 lives on each level.

All in all a simple, fun game which is challenging enough for players young and old. Send your i robot like characters off in robotic missile like fashion.

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