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This game has great value at under $1 considering its creative gameplay.

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By Arnt Henning Moberg
This app review is for 'Sleep Bug Pro' by Arnt-Henning Moberg, which is a universal utility app designed to help you sleep, currently priced...

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The app is easy to play, has a choice of locations to choose from to select flirting arenas, and arms you with enhanced flirting knowledge.

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All in all, an impressive puzzle app that pushes the boundaries of puzzle games.

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By Rob Miracle
In all this is a fun, likable arcade style game that is easy to pick up and play.

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This review is for '6 Pack Promise' by Sports Performance, currently priced at $3.99. The app has 56 complete workout plans with over 100...

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This app is simple to use and has a range of possibilities from high level projects to basic tasks.

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Simply an Asteroids-like game, not really worth the $.99 it costs.

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Crowded Garden HD hopes to charge you $.99 to access a virtual garden that you already have access to for free. Outside...