Crowded Garden HD

This review is for ‘Crowded Garden HD’ for the iPad, by Elbow Room Apps, priced at 99 cents. The game has beautiful graphics and sound and has a nice feel to it.

Children especially will love this game and it could make a great adult party game, with players using their nose instead of their hands. The levels get progressively harder, right up to the hardest level, level 15. If you clear a level without hitting any butterflies a white flower appears on the level’s icon. There is a single or two player mode. The graphics are very smooth, such as the butterfly wing movement transitions for example. This game is cute and easy to understand how to play, even for very young children.

I don’t have any children to test it out on, I only have two dogs and I doubt if they’ve got the paw dexterity needed – they’d be more interested in chewing my iPad up. There are varied backgrounds on levels and the app is Facebook and Twitter enabled. A very relaxing game playing on the easier levels and very challenging on the more difficult levels. Check out level 15 in the review, it goes nuts 🙂



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