Space Conquest

This review is for ‘Space Conquest’ by M.Y Delvelopers. The game is a universal app, currently priced at under $1. The gameplay has a nice retro 80s feel to it with neon graphics.

Missions are themed upon the Solar System with Mercury being the first level, right up to the most advanced level of Pluto. When you start the game you are given one of the standard ships, but as you clear levels you can upgrade to more advanced ships, such as fighter ships.

There are asteroids in the game which you can shoot to split or outrun to avoid. Each level has 5 waves and you have to eliminate these waves in order to unlock the next level. You can test a new ship by pressing and holding to see the ship fire. You can also add ships as your wingmen in the game, with the added option to order them to defend you or to go on attack mode.

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