This review is for the universal app ‘OmniBlaster’ – a space themed tilt and fire game with levels increasing in difficulty. The game has a robust feel to it with an interesting twist.

The twist is that you can’t just blast your way through the levels willy-nilly like similar scrolling screen shoot ’em up games, as there are power up objects that you don’t want to blow up in the form of coloured astroids. You have to use controlled firing to tactically clear your way through the mission levels.

Near the end of each level you go head-to-head with various mother ships. There is a hanger for selecting ship types, an OpenFeint linked in-game scoreboard and several firing options, blaster firing or torpedoes. The asteroid power ups can recharge your shields, make them invincible, give you super torpedoes and even armour piercing blasters. This game gets more challenging as you progress onto more advanced levels, such as bigger and tougher mother ships, as well as more grey asteroids to avoid. In all, a fun, likeable  arcade style game that is easy to pick up and play.

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