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This review is for ‘Index Card’ for the iPad by DenVog which is currently priced at $4.99. The app is a cork board productivity app aimed at organising projects, such as storyboarding and a whole host of other project planning possibilities.

You can divide your index cards into project groups and within your project group you can arrange cards into stacks. Index Card allows you to add additional information on to the back of each card and also to colour code cards. You can view your project as note cards or as a list view. You can easily back up your work by sending it in RTF format to your email address or to your drop box and even upload it to be part of Scrivener. You can drag and drop cards to arrange them in any order as well as having the ability to add and delete cards, making amendments to any project a cinch. What I love about this app is that it is simple to use and has a range of possibilities from high level projects, such as planning a movie, or more basic tasks such as a ‘To do’ list.

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