3262 votes
By www.handy-games.com GmbH
Stable game with a good, fun, addictive experience.

405228 votes
By Halfbrick
A fun and fast paced game that is addictive as well as being very original and packed full of non-stop features to keep you on your toes.
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By Future Games of London
Although this game was nice when it came out, it's not that special today.

26 votes
By Flamethrower plc
Overall though, this application does its job and should be great for those who need to improve their conversation skills.

43371 votes
By Gaia Interactive, INC
Monster Galaxy: Zodiac Islands is a great and free game for young children that's worth downloading.

305 votes
By Asaf Levy
What is a city without being a sim city in 'Rock Vegas'. No other city compares to this colourful urban splash of colourful graphics...

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Can you survive and rescue the Princess in the furry frenzied world of crazed critters?

74 votes
By Toccata Technologies Inc
Friends will love this app and your enemies will hate it.

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This game has great value at under $1 considering its creative gameplay.