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Put your jet pack on with ‘Jetpack Joyride’ which has laser jet packs, steam jet packs and even afterburner jet packs to choose from. Perhaps the best jet pack game since ‘Jetpack Willy’ in the Spectrum days.

When you start the game you immediately burst through a solid concrete wall on the start of your jet pack flight into the unknown. There are coins to collect in the game which can buy upgrades or you can even customise your character with such upgrades as ‘zombie heads’ or ‘nerd glasses’.

At first, the default character is dressed in business like attire and looks like he’s on his way to a business meeting. When you end a game you are taken to a fruit machine where you can get various upgrades, more money or advantages, depending on the luck of the spin.

There are different vehicles, if you are skilled enough, with your steam jet pack to hit one of the vehicle upgrade graphic icons floating around, as you fly through the maze of hazards. There are lasers, electric pulse beams and missiles to contend with, as well as a host of other physics game objects. There are also scientists milling around at ground level which are always fun to zap or run over. The ‘machine gun jetpack’ is especially effective at wiping out scientists, as there is a constant rain of bullets and sparks to pound the scientists into the ground as you fly. In the game play preview I am using the ‘steam powered jetpack’ which gives you just that extra bit of control sensitivity.

The game is Game Center enabled and there are missions and achievements to complete and unlock. This game never seems static as there is always something new happening each time you pick up and play Jetpack Joyride.

The ‘crazy freakin’ teleporter’ is especially fun, as you can never grasp just how to use this freaky vehicle. My favourite vehicle has got to be the profit bird that opens its beak to collect coins.

The name of the character is ‘Barry’ in the game and you have to battle with evil scientists with a background theme based on a futuristic science lab.

The developers, Halfbrick Studios, were the creators of Fruit Ninja which is still a massive hit. To bring out several games that have had this much success must be a proud achievement by this excellent development team. A fun and fast paced game that is addictive as well as being very original and packed full of non-stop features to keep you on your toes. Get your steam jet pack on and join the adventure.

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Genre: Games
Price: Free
Developer: Halfbrick
Size: 310.6M
Age Rating: 9+
Rated: 4.73855 by 92479 customers.
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