Adventures Of Rolling Princess

Is it a hairball? Is it a fur ball? No, it’s the Rolling Princess! On an adventure quest in a strange land . . .

Cute cartoon like graphics in an original style with unique gameplay make this app stand out.

This game by Toccata Technologies is priced at under $1 and is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, although it plays well on the iPad too. There are 16 colourful levels using varied backgrounds with an optional in-app purchase to add 9 bonus levels. There are many evil creatures that pop up in the Furball Kingdom which are actually cute and whacky.

The music is very catchy and the sound effects are fun. This looks at first glance to be aimed at children, but in fact, adults and children alike will find this game quite challenging. There is a feel good factor to playing this game as it is set in a dreamlike land as if you’ve fallen into Alice in Wonderland’s hole to another dimension. You control the Furball Princess using brake and accelerate buttons. The Furball Princess reminds me of a poodle that’s been shampooed and blow dried till it resembles a pink pompom. I’ve included this game in the featured section as it is one of the best games for unique graphics that I have reviewed so far. You have 3 game lives for each level, indicated by the hearts in the top left of the screen. This adventure is Game Centre enabled with very easy to grasp controls and navigation. Can you survive and rescue the Princess in the furry frenzied world of crazed critters?

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