App Comrade

By Odie Edo-Osagie
If you're into anime or manga then this app is as much a must-have as the phone app is for an iPhone owner.

By Cheng Calvin
PhoneDoctor+ lets you diagnose your phone's hardware as well as keep it running in good condition

By Unified Game ApS
Pinball DJ is one third game, one third beat maker, and one third awesome.

By LET Software ApS
With SquareWords you'll get a chance to test your puzzle solving skills, while also battling your opponent.

By Notelr Technologies Inc.
If you're looking to share great places with your friends, and vice versa, then Lister is a must-have app.

By 3Leap Games Ltd.
If you like "beat your own record" type of games, or puzzle games, then you'll love Turtle Bridge.

By Redfin Corporation
This is a must-have app for people looking to purchase homes.

By Asud Anderson
If you want to capture famous people's autographs within seconds, then this is the app for you.

By Funko International AB
If you like games like Pivvot, Super Hexagon, Duet, or Flappy Bird then you’re going to love SkippyFrog.