App Comrade

By Jason Sciss
Spelling Super Star was designed with the idea that spelling can be fun.

Minilogs nailed every single aspect of design and feature architecture. This is a must-have app for just about any iPhone or iPad user.

By Giulio Muntoni
Hedgy Jumper has a great feel to it and flows over with cutness.

By Portable Pixels Ltd
or people that like puzzle games then Monumental Moves is worth a try. It's free and chances are you'll love it.

By Yapert Inc.
If you're tired of missing out on important news or celebrity updates, then you should get Yapert right away.

By Bestapp Studio Ltd.
The Dunkan Diet app is here to help you lose weight and keep it off.

By AVAST Software a.s.
avast! SecureLine VPN is your go-to app if you value your privacy. It's even got a 7-day free trial!

By Play and let Play Inc.
This free game successfully brings a new type of puzzles to iOS. Give it a try!

By Mention Mobile LLC
Cyber Dust is effectively Mark Cuban's, a billionare, middle finger to the NSA. It's worth downloading if you value your privacy.