App Comrade

By Asud Anderson
If you want to capture famous people's autographs within seconds, then this is the app for you.

By Funko International AB
If you like games like Pivvot, Super Hexagon, Duet, or Flappy Bird then you’re going to love SkippyFrog.

By Coin App, Inc.
You'd be crazy not to "eat the meat" with Steak 'n Bacon. Give it a try, you'll be glad you got a taste of this amazing game :)

By Melbourne Gifts Pty Ltd
Iron Dragon II expands on the success of the first game and can be enjoyed by anyone for free.

By David Zobrist
The style, humor, and equality this game brings to players makes it a must-have.

By Tyler Draker
If you need a metronome for any reason, whether you are a musician or a dancer, then Mighty Met is a must-have app.

By Callum mackay
If you enjoy playing action games or runner games then you should give Cal Pow Dash a try.

People that like strategy games can't go wrong with My Lands. It has a great retro style to it that keeps you coming back.

By Jason Sciss
Spelling Super Star was designed with the idea that spelling can be fun.