App Comrade

By Terwyn LLC
It's obvious that if you're someone that creates events or manages them frequently that Plan Pals is a good calendar choice.

By Pencil Networks, Inc.
If you're in an organization then this app is a must-have for managing groups or staying updated.

By Ran Elmaliach
If you like puzzle games, or any sort of game similar to Angry Birds, then chances are that you'll love Freaks!!

By Chee Ket Yung
For whatever reasons you take photos, edit them, and share them, InstaTxtr is an essential app.

By Matthew Brown
Amplifind is simply the best local and remote music library manager on iOS.

By App Fiction GmbH
If you're interested in meeting people over the internet or just chatting with people, then this is a must-have app.

By Odie Edo-Osagie
If you're into anime or manga then this app is as much a must-have as the phone app is for an iPhone owner.

By Cheng Calvin
PhoneDoctor+ lets you diagnose your phone's hardware as well as keep it running in good condition

By Unified Game ApS
Pinball DJ is one third game, one third beat maker, and one third awesome.