App Comrade

281 votes
By Everthrill Creative Limited
Storage: Auctions Legends is enjoyable for some, but it is very expensive and has a lot of in-app purchases

23233 votes
Pic Jointer is a really great app for generating professional photo collages

108 votes
By Smart Sense Enterprises Limited
VPN Defender is a VPN solution which collects all of your browsing habits (and sells them) in return for being free

4565 votes
By Huang AnZhang
Free Mp3 Download for SoundCloud has some bugs that still need to be worked out and isn't a first choice for music downloading

1766 votes
By Lookout, Inc.
Although Lookout looks like a great app, many of its main features are already built into Find my iPhone.

4582 votes
By Mirmay Limited
Although this app describes exactly what it does, it isn't necessarily the best private browser out there

8367 votes
By Class Twist Inc.
If you're looking for an educational app for teachers, students, and parents, skip past this one. It's a gimmick.

84 votes
By Jeff Koehler
Colorized is a challenging but rewarding puzzle game that's only downfall is its graphics and soundtrack quality

12 votes
By Tunnel Vision Fitness LLC
If you're looking to start exercising, or you're already at an advanced level, then it would be a good idea to pass this app up