Worms 3

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By Team17 Digital Limited


Worms 3 is a platform sort of game where you control a team of worms armed to the teeth with interesting weapons. The goal of this worm team, is essentially to defeat the other enemy team at any cost possible. While playing you can move your worm soldiers around the platform map, as well as direct their attacks and weapon choice.

The great thing about this game is that it offers a lot of game modes. These game modes include campaign, quick game, practice mode, body count, and multiplayer (local or online).

Mission Accomplished

Worms 3 has become a hit with casual and hardcore gamers, and it’s no surprise. This game has a wide range of weapons, levels and team customization. The worms on your team can be named, dressed and even taught to say certain things during their fight against enemy teams. For a $.99 game, Worms 3 gives players a lot of value.

Room to improve

I can’t really see any possible improvements for Worms 3. Not only does it have a lot of game modes and weapons, but it provides players with a lot of game time. Trust me, this game won’t get boring even after playing it for weeks.


Casual gamers of any age and genre-preference will likely love Worms 3. This is a game that you can be proud about buying, the value of it is simply phenomenal.

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Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Developer: Team17 Digital Limited
Size: 349.16M
Age Rating: 9+
Rated: 3.66443 by 298 customers.
Creative app idea
Level variety
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