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In this $.99 game, you man a blaster in order to shoot¬†down all of the “enemies” falling from the sky. I say “enemies” since this is how the app store’s description refers to them.¬†Personally, I think that these objects look more like water balloons and donuts.

Since the game ends when the doodled object hit the earth (don’t worry, you have shields as well), I guess that the innocent doodles are “enemies” when it comes to succeeding in Mega Blaster. These falling objects don’t look that menacing though, so the term might be a bit misleading: this game is laid back to play.

The blaster in the center of the screen will rotate from the left to the rotate continuously, and when the screen is tapped on the blaster will shoot a projectile at that angle. Projectiles bounce off the left and right edges of the screen a few times, and if they don’t hit anything, they will explode.

Mission Accomplished

In Mega Blaster there’s quite a few perks that can be picked up along the way by shooting them down when they fall. Other than that though I did not notice many other features or parts of the game that stood out.

Room to improve

Mega Blaster feels very constricted in terms of gameplay. The blaster rotates a bit too quickly and I feel like there’s no way to control the game other than to tap on the screen randomly. To me, the game mechanics seemed off, as did the fact that this game is $.99 versus being free.


Unless you like games that go from easy to almost impossible to play within 30 seconds, and that have no control mechanism other than tapping randomly, I wouldn’t suggest this game.

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