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This game looks similar to retro shooters, but isn’t a copy of any certain game or a direct emulator. Instead, Oldschool Blast incorporates all sort of fun gameplay and functionality to make an interesting space shooter.

Oldschool Blast has three major stages consisting of various levels, all of which take a lot of determination, will power, and fun to complete. There’s definitely a lot of level content in this game, as well as a wide range of enemies, powerups, and other features (like collecting alien gems as they fall down).

Mission Accomplished

The graphics and sound are on point with retro games. The controls are easy to pick-up and use, but instead of directional keys, a virtual joystick is used. The joystick is very helpful when navigating enemy missiles, but I would like to see the option of being able to use directional keys if desired.

Room to improve

I am not 100% sure if this game is going to entice a lot of people with a $.99 price. I believe a lot more people would download the game if it was free, and then upgrade to the extra levels and no advertisements for $.99. It’s not that the game isn’t worth it to a retro enthusiast, it’s that most other people wouldn’t even give it a try based on the app’s description and screenshots.


Oldschool Blast is an uplifting game that feels and looks like a retro game, but at the same time is fresh and enjoyable.

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Reto graphics
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