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One thing I love about games like this is that you are capable of rethinking every move and everything you are doing because the game itself is not turn-based or even real time.

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What an interesting, free, and addicting game! Give it a chance and you'll become a Ninja Master...

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It's obvious that if you're someone that creates events or manages them frequently that Plan Pals is a good calendar choice.

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If you're in an organization then this app is a must-have for managing groups or staying updated.

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By App Fiction GmbH
If you're interested in meeting people over the internet or just chatting with people, then this is a must-have app.

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If you're into anime or manga then this app is as much a must-have as the phone app is for an iPhone owner.

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By iDea Mobile Tech Inc.
PhoneDoctor+ lets you diagnose your phone's hardware as well as keep it running in good condition

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Pinball DJ is one third game, one third beat maker, and one third awesome.

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With SquareWords you'll get a chance to test your puzzle solving skills, while also battling your opponent.