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By iDea Mobile Tech Inc.
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If you’ve ever bought a used phone only to get home and find out that Bluetooth or the headphone jack doesn’t work, then you’ll understand the importance of PhoneDoctor+. This app tests certain parts of iPhones, and prompts you to test some of the others as well to insure that the phone is 100% intact and in good condition.

Even if you by an iPhone from a store, you’ll still benefit from making sure all parts of it work. You could for example not notice that the accelerometer doesn’t work until 30 days after buying your phone. With this app, you’ll be able to test every single part of an iPhone to insure that it’s what you paid for before comitting to it .


In addition to this app taking care of diagnostics for your phone, it also helps keep your phone in good condition by alerting you when your phone is done charging. Charging an iPhone past 100% for more than 10 or so minutes can damage it, so this makes sure you never do that.

Using PhoneDoctor+ you can also have a look at your battery use estimated time, as well as estimated charging time.

Mission Accomplished

I haven’t seen other apps like this on the app store that take care of everything from diagnostics, to battery maintenance and info all in one app. So this is definitely a useful app for the people that need a way to check an iPhone for problems as well as not overcharging them.

Room to improve

While using this app I was not able to find any glitches or shortcomings. It is really great, no doubt about it!


For the people that need it, this app is worth the $2.99. There doesn’t seem to be any other apps like PhoneDoctor+ on the app store, so check it out if you need its features.

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Genre: Utilities
Price: Free
Developer: iDea Mobile Tech Inc.
Size: 26.16M
Age Rating: 4+
Rated: 4.37681 by 276 customers.
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