SquareWords is an interesting free game which one could incorrectly compare to Sodoku or Crossword Puzzles. There are similarities no doubt, but SquareWords involves two players much more than these games. The best way I can describe SquareWords would be something along the lines of “Jenga with letters.”

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In this game you choose letters to use on your board to form words, but your opponent must also use those same letters. Each player has their own separate board, so they aren’t limited by the open spaces left after their opponent makes a move. Players however are challenged by using letters which their opponents used, and also using difficult letters themselves to foil their opponent.

After each player plays their move, they get to see the points of the their opponent. Only when the game is finished do they get to actually see each other’s boards.

Mission Accomplished

SquareWords succeeds in being a really great game to play with friends. You can challenge other friends who have their own phones with this game, you can invite friends to get SquareWords, you can play random people online that are similar in skill level, and you can also play against the computer. As expected, you can also chat with your opponent.

The best part about SquareWords, other than it being a really innovative game idea, is that it is available in many different languages ranging from English and Dutch to Portuguese. Many indie word games are limited to a few languages, but SquareWords is most likely available in your language no matter its popularity.

Room to improve

This game is really great, but the learning curve is a bit difficult at first. I didn’t really understand the game or how it worked from the instructional video created by the developers. Only when I started playing the game and finishing two rounds, did I understand how it work. If the game mechanism was explained a bit better I think that a lot more people would give this game a try before passing up on downloading it.


If you like challenging games where creativity counts, not to mention being on the offensive, then SquareWords is for you. Give it a try if you’ve enjoyed any sort of puzzle or word game in the past. With SquareWords you’ll get a chance to test your puzzle solving skills, while also battling your opponent.

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