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In Stickman Ninja Master you play as a spear-wielding ninja that has to jump, kick, throw ninja stars, and jab his way through levels full of wood boards. While progressing through levels you also get a chance to collect coins which can be used in the game store to purchase weapon upgrades and other perks.

Mission Accomplished

This game has an amazing soundtrack and is really addicting. In fact, I find it more addicting than Flappy Bird and much more satisfying. At least with this game you know that you can beat it, even though it might seem impossible at first. There’s eight levels in total which means there’s a lot of entertainment value to be had from this game.

Trust me when I say each level will take you at least a couple of hours to beat. Or if you beat them any quicker, then I’ll be embarrassed to admit that I would never be able to beat them as quickly.

Room to improve

It’s kind of annoying that in the first level ¬†you have to keep waiting for the tutorial text to pass before you can start smashing boards. In the first level you’ll fail a lot, and having to wait half a minute for the tutorial text to pass before you can play again gets old really quickly. I wish you could just disable the tutorial text. Actually, after the first time there’s never a need to see it again.


This game is completely free to play and although it offers an in-app purchase for coins, there’s no reason to spend any money on it to beat the game and fully enjoy it. Also there’s no advertisements, so you can enjoy the game in peace without being bombarded by ads all the time.

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