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YoCutie is a chatting app designed by App Fiction GmbH. It is available on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Using this app you can browse profiles and chat to other people that you find interesting. When first signing up, users get to add videos and photos to their profile information. It’s interesting to see that YoCutie has this video feature for profiles, because even the bigger chatting apps out there still don’t have such a great feature. Definitely a great idea on the developers’ part.

Users can also verify their profile to connect with others more, add their age and city, height, jobs, bio, and other info to their info page.

One a user gives another user a “yo,” the receiver will be notified and they can choose to “yo” that person back. Once two users have “yoed” each other, then they can begin to talk via the chatting feature.

When using this app you can also go to “My Cuties” to list out people you’ve been interested in, people that were interested in you, and people that you’re already connected with.

Premium members (that pay monthly or yearly) also get some great features. They are able to receive more “yo’s!” because they are displayed to other users before the free members. Premium members also have no Yo! limitations per day, they are shown no advertisements, can ignore other users, and can also show off their premiums status if desired.

Mission Accomplished

Unlike other chatting apps that are limited to photos for profile pictures and information, YoCutie takes it up a notch by offering video reviews. This chatting app is really great because it doesn’t take long to connect with someone and start talking to them.

Room to improve

I wish the introduction was a bit more classy. Now you just scroll down a page. A quick powerpoint would look much sleeker. But I guess I am being too picky.


If you’re interested in meeting people over the internet or just chatting with people, then this is a must-have app. It is free and makes chatting with a verified person over the internet really simple.

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