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By Yaroslav Veykov
Turbofinger Arcade Racing is a new arcade racing game for kids where the player can use his own finger as a virtual car

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WeHub is a free must-have communication app. It mixes the best of communication features many have come to rely on, such as read receipts and the ability to send various forms of media.

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Battery Doctor is a must-have app for anyone who wants to keep their battery in good health

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By Bending Spoons Apps IVS
Pic Jointer is a really great app for generating professional photo collages

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By Lookout, Inc.
Although Lookout looks like a great app, many of its main features are already built into Find my iPhone.

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By ClassDojo, Inc.
If you're looking for an educational app for teachers, students, and parents, skip past this one. It's a gimmick.

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The Ebola App is quite limited and not very useful

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By Jeffrey Sheng
If you have any video editing needs that need to be met on your iDevice, then this is the app that will get it all done

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MeowMix is a "mewowww game!" It can be enjoyed by anyone of any age