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Dominoes Pro HD is a dominoes game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is free and was developed by Maysalward.

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Adaptxt Keyboard is a free keyboard that is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It was developed by KeyPoint Technologies and can only be used by devices running iOS 8 and above.

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One thing I love about games like this is that you are capable of rethinking every move and everything you are doing because the game itself is not turn-based or even real time.


no votes yet If you have searched for apps that let you save Snapchat messages, then you probably know that there are no good solutions. "Snap Save...

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Martial arts have always been pretty popular, but if you look around these days there are more and more people learning a particular art. Everyone...

The iCloud is AppleĆ¢??s free data-syncing service that is also supported by windows machines and while it works pretty well, a lot of people...

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Nowadays phones have become so powerful that they can store an unimaginable amount of information. These devices are like small computers and even better!...

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The economy is suffering. The prices rise ever more while the salaries stay the same or get even lower. People lose their benefits and...

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Now, I don't care how clever you think you are and how many degrees and lab experience you have. Truth is, and you can't...