Steak ‘n Bacon

Steak ‘n Bacon’s description is humble but true: “beautifully simple yet dangerously addictive, Steak ‘n Bacon will have you eating meats for hours!” Although this game looks and feels like it should cost $.99, it’s free for all to enjoy.

Anyone who likes puzzle games or “beat-your-last-record” sort of games should definitely give Steak ‘n Bacon a try. The graphics and gameplay is great, but the mere creativity that went into developing this new type of game is to be appreciated as well.


Tap the middle knob and slip to spin Jake and Becca. Pausing the game is as simple as just lifting your finger. Jake likes steak and Becca likes Bacon. As these meats get shot toward them from all directions, your goal is to make sure their mouths get their favorite meat. Everytime Jake or Becca gets their meat, your score goes up by 10 points. After a couple of times of doing this your score multiplier will also go up. So you will begin to earn 20 points per correct meat-mouth alignment, 30 points, and so forth.

Should you align Jake with bacon or Becca with steak however, the game will end and you will see your final score. Your final score can be shared and you can also see how you did compared to the world-wide leaderboards. Then you’re given a chance to do it all again and see just how high of a score you can earn.

Mission Accomplished

“Eat the meat.” You wouldn’t think such a simple game idea could be so striking or fun, but it truly is. Every aspect of this game is on-par with perfection: the graphics, the sounds, controls, idea, etc. This game is so high quality you’d expect it to be $.99 and not free!

Room to improve

At the moment if you mess up even once, you have to start over. It would be nice if there was a way to select an “easy” mode where you get 3 lives or so. This would make it easier for younger children to play along and continue eating the meat even if they mess up once. Some other ways to improve is other than bacon and steak, the player could also eat power-ups which give them more lives, make them invincible for a short time, etc.

Seeing obstacle objects in this game would also be interesting. For example: if Jake or Becca eat a cold Slurpee they can a brain freeze and the controls become inverted. Would certainly make for a challenging game! This game was released on May 19, 2014 though, so the developers have plenty of time to consider new features. Even without the things mentioned above this game is still addicting and fun.


You’d be crazy not to “eat the meat” with Steak ‘n Bacon. Give it a try, you’ll be glad you got a taste of this amazing game 🙂

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