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By Warner Bros. Entertainment

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Scribblenauts Remix is a game created by Warner Bros. It costs $.99 and is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.


Scribblenauts has a sandbox mode which allows you to play without solving puzzles, and a mission mode as well. In the mission mode you have to solve puzzles by spawning things such as werewolves, potions, wizards, and anything else you can imagine to help the main character, Maxwell, complete each level.

You can expect the levels to require radically different ideas to complete. One level might require that you drop a box in front of zombies to save some bystanders, while another level might require you to spawn things that belong in an aquarium.

Spawning things in the game is just a matter of clicking on the notepad icon and typing in the name of the thing you want to spawn. You can spawn animals, objects, potions, and many other things.

While Scribblenauts comes with 50 levels and you can also purchase an extra 50 for $1; the real fun comes when playing in the sandbox.

Itâ??s fun to spawn things like lizards, Scylla, and wizards, and watch them battle each other to the death. You can even spawn objects using adjectives. For example a whale isnâ??t really fun to spawn. But if you spawn a â??giant zombie peaceful military flying rideable red whaleâ? youâ??ll get some unexpected yet fun results. The whale will be mountable by Maxwell, it will have zombie characteristics but it wonâ??t attack anyone, and it will also have guns which it can use to attack things if ordered. Howâ??s that for an iPhone game?

Mission Accomplished

This game has a lot of things to spawn and you wonâ??t get bored of it quickly. The idea of Scribblenauts, the game itself, and the graphics are really great as well.

Room to improve

Thereâ??s a limit on how many things you can spawn at a time. If thatâ??s a problem for you though, you can always buy the PC version for more fun.


For $1 youâ??ll effectively be buying a game that will never get boring. If youâ??re the type of person that would love to battle a â??giant military flying angry volcanoâ? versus a â??tiny angry potent water breathing wizardâ? then this game is for you.

The game is enjoyable by anyone, of any age, of any gender. Youâ??ll have to give it a try to see just how entertaining it is.

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Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Developer: Warner Bros. Entertainment
Size: 204.14M
Age Rating: 9+
Rated: 3.62469 by 2430 customers.
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