Clay Runner


The objective of Clay Runner is quite simple. The player has to touch spots on a playing field to spawn monsters. Each monster can travel up, down, left, or right on the playing field. Before each monster has spawned thereâ??s an arrow indicating where the next monsterâ??s direction will be.

If two monsters collide then the game is lost. The entire point of the game is to spawn monsters and to keep them from crashing into each other. If two monsters are getting too close, the player can drag them to a new location.

The Singleplayer mode has levels that can be competed. Each level will have a number of points you have to get to win. Points are awarded after a monster walks the entire width or length of the screen. However a monster can only earn one point after it has successfully spanned the screen. To get more points you have to manage many monsters on the playing field at the same time without letting them collide.

Once the levelâ??s required points have been achieved then players move on to the next level.

The Multiplayer mode lets two people play locally. The idea is the same, except there are two colors of monsters. The first player spawns a monster, and then itâ??s the second playerâ??s turn. Whoever gets more points first, or whoever doesnâ??t die first wins.

The last mode Clay Runner has is called Endless mode. In endless mode there is no required point score. The game goes on as long as no monsters collide.

Mission Accomplished

Clay Runner is really simple to understand and play. The gameplay is certainly different from other games, and itâ??s quite creative. Also there are no in-game advertisements.

Room to improve

Players canâ??t share their best scores from the Endless game mode. Players also canâ??t challenge their friends through Game Center.

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