How Can an App Developer Promote his Apps?

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When an app developer releases his app for the first time, thereâ??s two things he can do to increase downloads and exposure. He can either promote the app outside of the app market, or he could promote the app within the iOS app market.

A developer might promote his app on blogs, social accounts, or even app review sites such as AppReviews4u. This form of promotion reaches a wide audience outside of the app market. The other way to promote his apps would be by buying honest app reviews inside the iTunes app market. App reviews inside the app market have the potential to increase his app’s rank, as well as creating trust with other potential users.

Promoting Your App outside the App Market

If a developer promotes his apps online he will be able to reach a wide audience. Blog posts, YouTube videos, and app reviews are more likely to be shared via social media by visitors. But if the application doesn’t have a lot of reviews to back it up, not a lot of people will purchase or download it. Although reviews on the app market build trust with potential users, having no app reviews works in the opposite way. If your app has 0-10 reviews, then a potential user might get the wrong idea. They might think that no one uses your app for a reason.

Promoting Your App inside the App Market

If a developer were to buy honest app reviews from a site that specializes in connecting users and developers, he could increase his app’s exposure. Once the app developer pays for 30+ reviews, not only will 30 users play the game and leave their honest opinions, but those reviews will attract other users on the app market as well.

After an app gets a substantial amount of reviews, it will cause others to flock to the app, creating exponential growth. For that reason it’s a good idea to buy a handful of app reviews when an app is first released. That initial review head start can make the difference between an app that becomes popular, and an app that gets lost in the plethora of other ones released everyday.

Why App Developers Should Use Both Promotion Methods

Most apps either cost money to download, or they are free to use but make money off advertiments. So if a developer knows his app can make him money once he has enough users, it would make sense that he invests into getting those users.

For about $400, a developer could promote his apps, and even receive app reviews, on multiple blogs and app review sites. For about $400 more the app developer could receive 100 reviews on the app market.

With this much investment in getting the right exposure for his apps, a developer could expect tons of traffic and downloads. $800 may seem like a lot but itâ??s really nothing if done right. $800 of advertising the right way could pay back much more in the long run. In any case itâ??s a good idea to advertise your apps outside of the app market, and inside it by buying honest reviews.

If an app developer tried to promote his apps on a blog, that only had 1-2 reviews, they wouldnâ??t get downloaded. If an app developer didnâ??t promote his apps on blogs, but only bought paid reviews on the app market, he wouldnâ??t get anywhere either. Using a combination of both methods is the path to success.

Where Can Developers Buy App Reviews on the App Market?

App developers can buy paid reviews from real users at The site is really simple to use: submit an app, wait for users to download it and review it, and then watch your exposure grow.

Best ReviewApp

App reviews get paid to download apps, use them, and then review them. So itâ??s a win-win for developers and users.

Unlike other illegitimate sites that harvest review accounts and leave only positive reviews, Best Review App cannot guarantee positive reviews. Since real users are leaving the feedback itâ??s up to the user what they really thought about the app at hand. This makes Best Review Appâ??s service even more valuable because they connect real users with app developers instead of just faking reviews.

Why itâ??s a Good Idea to Review Apps on the App Market

If you enjoy playing games or using apps on your iPhone then why not make some money from it? If the apps that you review are paid, you get reimbursed the full price of the app for leaving a review. You can also win extra money from Best Review App for reviewing apps.

Even if youâ??re a developer it would be a good idea to review apps because then you get a chance to learn from other developers, and get paid for it too.

Is Buying App Reviews Ethical?

Some developers may shy away from buying app reviews with the thought that itâ??s cheating. If the site that youâ??re using to buy the app reviews gives you positive app market reviews, then that is cheating and illegal. A developer canâ??t just buy fake positive app reviews from someone else. Itâ??s just not fair to all the other app developers.

What is ethical marketing?

What is ethical marketing?

Best Review App is just a place that connects developers and real users together in a healthy community. A developer is not guaranteed positive apps, rather heâ??s guaranteed that someone will download his apps, and leave honest feedback. All the reviews are honest and from real users.


With the right amount of knowledge/determination an app developer could get in the top rated apps in no time. Having a cool nifty app isnâ??t always enough to make its popularity skyrocket. Sometimes you need the right amount of marketing to compliment the great app that you’ve developed.

If youâ??re interested in good promotion tactics for your apps, then you might want to take a look at this blog.

Feel free to comment below regarding promotion techniques youâ??ve used, or any other sites that can help developers gain app exposure.

Article written by Octavian Ristea

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