By Felix Grimberg

Txtot is an app that reminds you to text people. It lets you set reminders for the future for certain contacts, as well as the message that you need to send them.

This way you will never forget to send a text message. You can add, delete, edit, and delay messages at any time. Just understand that this app doesnâ??t actually send the text messages for you. It merely reminds you to do so.

Txtot is useful for a number of reasons. Whether youâ??re reminding yourself in the future to check on a bet, wish someone happy birthday, or congratulate someone, you wonâ??t forget if you use Txtot.

Instead of worrying about forgetting workers, family, or friendsâ?? birthdays, you can rest assured that youâ??re safe.

Mission Accomplished

The user interface of Txtot is flawless and elegant.

Also there are no in app advertisements present.

Room to improve

During this review I wasnâ??t able to find any glitches or shortcomings.


If you find yourself forgetting to send important text messages than this app is for you. Txtot is $.99 and will save you from preventable embarrassing moments. At $.99, this is probably the cheapest app that can keep you out of hot waters socially.

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