Craving Candy for iOS by Andrew Jackson

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Craving Candy is a game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This game was developed by Andrew Jackson and is free to play.


Craving Candy is a very flawed game which is not enjoyable and impossible to play. Depending on the angle which you tilt your phone by, the mouth on screen will move left and right. The point of the game is to only eat the candy falling through but since the movement of the mouth is so slow, it’s impossible to get farther than five seconds into the game.

The collision detection of this game is one of its biggest problems. When the non-candy objects are falling down, they will register as being “eaten” by the moving mouth even if they weren’t truly close to the mouth.

There’s three different levels, easy, medium, and hard. Easy is really difficult and has no lives. If you miss one fruit, the game is over. If you eat one non-fruit, the game is also over.


Don’t download this game unless you want to play a truly unplayable game. If anything, Craving Candy is just a rip-off of Fruit Hoops Free.

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