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In this game you move a hoop left and right with your finger in order to hoop all the falling fruits through it. Missed fruits will take away a life (you start with three lives), while hooped fruits will rise the score by a point.

As you play you’ll earn coins which can be used to purchase other fruit variety in the game as well as boosts and perks. Coins can also be purchased with an in-app purchase. Gamers that want to earn extra coins without purchasing them can also earn 300 coins for liking the developer’s page on Facebook or 1000 coins for inviting their Facebook friends to try out the game.

The basic game only comes with the classic mode which lets you keep playing until you run out of lives, but if you purchase the full game for $.99 then you can also play the arcade mode and endless mode.

Some other things you can buy in the game through the “fruit mart” includes super fruits which will give you a boost when you hoop them, power ups, and better hoops.

Mission Accomplished

This game is definitely entertaining. The developers got the game mechanics down right to a science and it’s apparent: this game never gets old.

Room to improve

It would be cool if this game had a multiplayer feature over wifi or the internet, but that might be asking too much from the developers.


If you like arcade games then chances are that you’re going to love Fruit Hoops Free. Also since the game is free, it gives you a chance to try it out before purchasing any upgrades or the full version.

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Creative game idea
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