Zombie Wonderland 2

Wonderland 2 by Chillingo is a zombie games adventure with a difference. You don’t just kill zombies, you have to clear up the mess that comes with zombie slaying . . .

Your character is ‘Chuck’, a zombie slayer stroke clean up guy. Your first mission starts in a diner, where you have to protect a mysterious jukebox that works without electricity and contains a mysterious artifact.

You are given a time limit in the game in the form of an hour glass. Then, when you start a level you have a few seconds to try and board up the windows of the establishment that you are trying to protect. For this you have to tap on a wood icon and then tap the hammer that appears in the bottom right of the screen. There are also special weapons to use, such as a shotgun blast radius option, special bullets and also a disc shaped weapon that can take out groups of zombies at once. Then, at the end of each level you are given a few seconds to clear up the mess that the disintegrated zombies have left behind. To do this you tap on a mop icon in the bottom left of the screen.

When it comes to zombie games this game is quite original.

There are various types of zombies that attack you from normal run of the mill zombies to fierce girl zombies and even bully zombies.

You have the option to buy even more weapons through in-app purchases.

The graphics in the game are solid. Perhaps you are fed up of zombie games by now as this theme is overcooked. I especially like the main level selection screen which shows a 3D town from above.

This game is free on the App Store and well worth a download.

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