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Yapert makes it extremely easy for fans of celebrities, athletes, organizations, stars and websites to stay updated with the latest trending videos and photos that they post.

With Yapert you will never have to worry about missing anything in the music, sports, entertainment, news, fashion, fitness and lifestyle sectors. Everything you see on this app is high-end content that matters most to you and is easy to share and save.


Using Yapert you can create favorites and “stacks” of your favorite trending videos and photos. Soon enough fans will be able to share their stacks with other fans so that they can get the best of the best content.

Fans can also comment on stories with other fans. Not to mention that in addition to being able to share stories through email, Facebook and Twitter, users can also pin them to Pinterest.

If you want to be even more up to date with celebrities you can sign up for a Yapert Inside Pass for $.99 a month per star. Subscribing to a star with an Inside Pass will let you see stories and updates that other fans can’t.

Mission Accomplished

The user interface of Yapert is quite stunning and easy to use. Navigating around, commenting, favoriting and stacking stories is more a pleasure than a hassle. You can tell that this app was built with perfection in mind.

Room to improve

I’m not really sure if $.99 a month is worth it for an inside pass for only one star. It would make more sense if you could get at least three stars for $.99 a month. But that’s just my personal belief with paying for this service. Others might find it useful staying up to date with their celebrity.


Yapert is free to use and keeps you constantly “hip.” If you’re tired of missing out on important news or celebrity updates, then this is an app you should  get right way: before you miss out on it as well 🙂

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