What Is Technology? And Is Technology In Control Of You?

Computer image controlling humans

New technology, future technology, computer technology, emerging technologies etc. etc. The booby trap of our time. Freedom freedom from what? To free up our time? To enhance our lives? Or does new technology reinforce the trap that we are all caught up in already?

Take another look at your facebook profile . . . do you have 1000 facebook friends? A handful of your friends will be genuine friends no doubt, but what about the other 90%? Maybe they are people like ourselves, shutting our doors every evening and avoiding human face to face contact?

When you wake up, how many tasks do these new technologies impose on you. What about facebook comments and invites, better check those, and what about emails, better check those and what about Twitter and YouTube comments invites and other social media commitments? Best be sure to keep up with your social media applications and game demands too. Otherwise your virtual farm may become a desolate waste ground with your friends shaking your tree.

Don’t forget to check your smart phone for messages too. Also, don’t forget to go online and update your software for your computer, smart phone, applications and anti-virus applications. Oh and by the way, what about the next model smart phone and what about your computer hardware? You might not be able to update to the next operating system if you don’t keep up with the latest model and hardware requirements.

Don’t forget security . . . you’ll need to change your passwords often, find some way to record your passwords securely and also . . . don’t forget the virus database updates and to scan your hard drive  and flash drives regularly.

Your household appliances are another matter. Don’t forget to register your new product, fill out the forms and also buy extra insurance or be prepared to repair and update to the next model.

Oh yes, about cards, do you have a credit card and what about those store cards, fill out all the credit card protection forms and don’t forget to check your credit card balance regularly for signs of fraud. You’ll need to keep the credit card protection company informed yearly of different card numbers and issues. Also you’ll need some anti-scam software for lookalike websites and also insurances for your other new technologies like your car . . . which is another story entirely and would take up a page with service, insurance and maintenance reminders and weekly checks amongst other things.

Oh no, I forgot to charge up all my devices while taking time to think. Better charge those up now. And oh no, spam has entered my inbox so I’d better wade through that. Identity theft? Better erase those old emails and shred up those credit card statements.

Etc, etc, etc, etc . . .

The panic about nuclear weapons and the fact that it only takes one fanatical or crazy politician to trigger disaster is not in fashion anymore – the panic was banged out of our systems in the last century. Instead people are hanging on to global warming which is real and will no doubt happen after the inevitable. Or Mayan predictions about the world ending in 2012 even though they could not predict their own demise. And if you are reading this blog post in 2013 you’ll know already what utter nonsense this was. Nuclear war fear has gone out of fashion as did blue suede shoes, the only difference being that it is real and is escalating with more unstable countries entering the arms race ready to put religion as the reason for the final world war. While so called developed countries focus on oil as the reason for triggering a final world war.

Although new technologies improve health care and makes worldwide commerce possible. As well as enabling science to branch out and understand our environment, universe and our nature – my question is:

Are new technologies, such as nuclear weapons hanging over our heads and global warming as a result of advancing technologies nature’s way of cutting down the population explosion? And can we study new technologies and their effect on our behaviour and control their actual influence on us? Or are new technologies now firmly in control of our social life, time and inevitable extinction? Please leave your comment and opinion below as I’d be interested to know what your view on this is . . .

Article by Kevin Baker

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