What is Pinterest?

What on Earth is Pinterest?

Pinterest is the latest hit social networking site with a few key differences that have made it such a success.

It is the fastest site to reach 10 million unique visitors a month and this is because of its visual nature which allows it to be more accessible and interesting.

The site is based on a similar concept to sites like tumblr and Flickr but addressed differently allowing it to excel in this niche that we all thought was full.
Pinterest uses an image board layout that allows people to pin pictures from around the web on to their board. It also allows you to pin videos and products as well so it is a good way to promote your links. This is then made public and anyone can see these pictures by either finding them while browsing the site or becoming a follower of that particular Pinterest member. This makes it easier to see someoneâ??s pictures if they seem to be interested in the same things as you or you find their pictures enjoyable.
Pinterest has also sparked an interest from internet marketers who have found the site useful for promoting their websites and affiliate links. They do this by posting images related to their site or product and once clicked on they can be given a link to the site that is been promoted. This is why this site is a great opportunity for you if you happen to be an internet marketer but Pinterest developers are not making it easy with their account creation procedure.
At the moment the only way to join Pinterest is through their invitation system, this mean you can only be invited by an existing member or requesting an invitation from the site. You will also have to sign up with your twitter or Facebook account at the moment. The account process screens out a lot of fake accounts and allows the environment on the site to be more enjoyment orientated rather than focusing on products.
Pinterest has become a massive social media site that allows you to â??pinâ?? pictures, videos and products to your board. This allows people to view this as it will be displayed in a set of categories that any user can access. This means it is more accessible and makes it easier for people to find your content. At the moment it is becoming more and more popular and people have started using it as a means of making money.

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  1. Hi! I’m glad I came across your site. I’ve read lots of great articles here. I’ve been hearing about Pinterest and my friends recommend it to me but when I visited some links on the site I was so confused. I just ignored it since I already have Tumblr. Reading your article, I think I have to think about it again. Pinterest seems like a really interesting website. Thanks for the helpful information here. You clearly stated what this new social networking site is all about!

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