What If We Could Find Out Who Stole Our Smartphone?

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You know what it’s like; you have a wonderful Blackberry, Android, iPhone5 or Windows smartphone and suddenly you realize it has been left on the bar or perhaps on the shop counter when you got it out to check on a price comparison app.

In a panic, you rush back to the store, bar or outlet only to be told it was claimed by some random person only 10 minutes earlier and the foolish counter assistant gave it away to them.

You have just become the latest victim of a mobile phone thief!

Itâ??s a terrible feeling; Iâ??ve been there before myself. Not only have you lost an expensive piece of personal property but also a piece of your privacy. Worst of all, if you donâ??t have a lock on your device the thief now has access to your photos, videos, contacts, social media accounts and possibly more. Having your mobile device stolen can quickly become a terrible nightmare.

Itâ??s A Mobile World

Smartphones are even more vulnerable these days to theft, only because we get them out of our pockets more often than we care to think. There are so many uses for our smartphones these days that the wonderful little devices are spending more time outside our pockets than in it. It’s no wonder some opportunist thief decides to walk off with your phone after it’s been left somewhere accidently. But now there’s an app that can, and will, snap a picture of the scoundrel who stole your phone and send the image to you in an email.

Lock Cam

Lock Cam, as the app is called uses the device’s camera (which is front facing if selected) to take an image of the person trying to view your phone or look directly into its screen. Currently the app only works on Android devices on 2.3 or higher but a roll out to the iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia phones are only likely to be months away. The app will also show you the location of where your phone is; so you will know who has it and where they are.

The premium version of the app allows a user to lock a phone remotely and add a screen message informing the new “illicit owner” to return it to an address of your choice. This might be the local police station or a restaurant or bar nearby. It could spell an end to the misery we feel when our smartphones are lost or stolen.

In Conclusion

Everyone has a smartphone or mobile device these days and we are more active on them than ever before. With the continuing growth and advancement in technology, this is a trend that will most certainly be around for years to come. On the same token, mobile device thefts are surely to rise as well. Protect your privacy and your property and give Lock Cam a try. You may be the next victim!



Artcle written by J. Blog, article writer for Virtual Web Productions; specializing in online marketing, web design, web development, multimedia services and TV commercial production.


Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / freedigitalphotos.net

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