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VPN Defender is a nifty little app which encrypts all of your internet data between your device and the website you’re visiting. The way this app works, is by encrypting any information you receive or send to a site, and then sending it to VPN Defender’s servers to make the actual connection. If your internet connection was compromised for example, hackers wouldn’t be able to make sense of the encrypted information you device is sending.

Mission Accomplished

This app makes it easy to install a VPN profile on your iOS device’s settings. It doesn’t take more than a minute to complete the process, and you don’t even have to keep the app installed to turn on the VPN (iOS will always remember the network settings).

Room to improve

Although this app is nifty, it’s privacy policies are not, since they can use your informationĀ as follows:

  • Analyzing your use of mobile applications and data, which may include combining such information (including personally identifying information) with information we receive from Affiliates or third parties;
  • Providing market analytics, business intelligence, and related services to Affiliates and third parties;


Although VPN Defender sounds like a great idea to protect your internet traffic because it’s free, it’s far from the truth. This app is basically another threat to your data, and you shouldn’t install it under any circumstance.

Not to mention that the VPN connection is brutally slow and that it’s very difficult for many people to delete this VPN connection from their phone (or to turn it off since it automatically turns itself on should you try to).

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