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Video Editor is an app which does just about everything its name would suggest. Using this app you can mix together a range of videos and photos, from the past or shot live, to create a polished movie.

Splicing and rearranging media isn’t the only thing this app is limited to however. It has many more features ranging from simple abilities like adding captions, to movie sound effects and professional photo slideshows. This makes Video Editor perfect for any project ranging from the most casual and amateur projects, to even corporate videos. This app can really handle it all, it’s just up to the user what they create with it.

Mission Accomplished

From voice over features to amazing transitions, this app really does cover it all. Below are just some of the things you’ll be able to do with Video Editor:

+ Trim and rearrange videos
+ Create amazing photo slideshows
+ Add over 50+ Movie Sound Fx
+ Add Cinematic Filters
+ Breaking News Reporter, Hand Held Camcorder, New Music Video, Typewriter Intro Themes
+ Add Transitions
+ Record Voice Overs
+ Create Slow or Fast Motion Videos
+ Choose from over 50+ custom Fonts & Colors
+ Add Songs from your music library
+ Share on Instagram (15 sec), Facebook, YouTube, Vine, Vimeo
+ Or Save to your Camera Roll

Room to improve

The style of the icons and fonts found within this app don’t seem like they were designed specifically for a flat interface. Some icon alignments are off, and I get the feeling that the user interface was put together using a template or boiler plate icon pack.

It’s sort of a shame that the user interface looks like this since it’s clear that the developer put a lot of work into the functionality. If the app looked as good as it functioned, it would be given a chance by more people browsing for video editors in the app store.


If you have any video editing needs that need to be met on your iDevice, then this is the app thatwill get it all done.

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