TravelVegas – Las Vegas Deals

Tour Las Vegas and snatch up the latest Las Vegas Deals in ‘TravelVegas – Las Vegas Deals’ by TravelVegas. This free iPhone app is all you will ever need if you are planning on travelling to Las Vegas and has a whole host of functions and handy tips included.

This app is a two-for-one app, in that as well as getting valuable advice within the travel guide section, you can also keep up to date with the latest Las Vegas deals too. I was honestly very surprised at the amount of information included in this app. After doing a search on the App Store, I found that for similar apps with this amount of content, you had to pay for the app. The developer has been very generous in putting up such a content rich app for absolutely free.

Although the app is programmed for the iPhone or iPod touch, when I opened this app on my iPad at x2, it looked really good and I usually use this app on my iPad. So if you have only an iPad, it looks perfectly okay on the iPad too as this is a utility app with several functions in mind: to clue you up on where to travel with tips to boot, and also to clue you in on the latest Las Vegas Deals.

You can select and view hotels to see which hotel takes your fancy in Las Vegas. From this app you can book hotels, restaurant tables and show tickets right form the app. You don’t need to use a telephone or website address hunt for the hotels, shows, restaurants and attractions too, as you just hit the ‘call’ button or go directly to the website in the application.

What I like about this app also is the fact that ratings are given by people as well as a star rating, so you can really get a good idea of the quality of the show, hotel or restaurant that you are interested in.

In the travel guide section there is some really valuable and practical advice on things like taxi tips for example. You can find out exactly how to pay and the best routes. With advice such as keeping your casino winnings in your pocket and paying from a separate wallet for safety.

This app has a wide array of tips and advice. There is even a map that you can pinch zoom in and out of, as well as the option to change the map view to a Google Earth map. There is even the latest weather information included in TravelVegas. It’s a winning situation if you download this app as you will not have to buy maps, travel guides or waste valuable time asking hotel staff questions about what attractions are around. In fact, if you make your own way around Las Vegas with this handy travel companion app, you will no doubt save more money, as you won’t be railroaded into taking tours to see things that are easily reachable anyway.

Personally, when I travel abroad, I like to be independent, having done my research on the place and tried my best to cut out any middlemen or tours where you have to live by a set schedule. This app is just the ticket for providing you with that kind of independence. After all, let’s face it, Las Vegas is pretty safe compared to some other places around the world and if you are clued up on how to get around and stay safe with ‘TravelVegas’ in Las Vegas, as well as getting all the best Las Vegas Deals, you are going to enjoy your stay a lot more, without tour guides ordering you around like cattle.

However, after saying this, for those people who love tours, you can even find the latest tours in ‘TravelVegas’ also. In fact, if you have travelled to Las Vegas before, this app will no doubt give you ideas on new places to visit, maybe with a few bargain deals snapped up along the way.

As I said in the video review, I like the icon for ‘TravelVegas’ because it is not cluttered with background graphics and is clear and bold. I prefer this kind of icon as it stands out in the app store and grabs your attention quicker.

Although there is a whole host of information packed into this valuable app, the app is not cluttered. The developer has taken the time to make navigation a breeze, with information being grouped into easily identifiable categories.

This app will be personally very handy for me as it is my dream to sometime in the near future travel to Las Vegas and play poker in one of the casinos there. For this reason, this app will stay on my device permanently.

There are thousands of high resolution photos in this app and the developer has obviously taken the time to compress these images as the app still retains a respectable size of just 19.3 MB. The interface of the app has been professionally thought out, as for such a wealth of information, the home screen is so clearly and simply laid out, with graphical and textual clues as to how to navigate around.

I particularly like the ‘click to call’ function and the fact that you can see when restaurants and attractions are open. With this functionality you can forget having to fumble around for phone books or asking around for phone numbers of places. You can access many of the hotels, restaurants and attractions’ websites direct from your device too. So that’s a big goodbye to having to spend precious time on your holiday sitting in Internet cafes.

What you download is what you get with ‘TravelVegas’, it has been put up in an old school style with no annoying pop up ads or disappointing in-app purchases options for functions that you really need. I can see a reverse in the current trend of in-app ads and purchases in favour of ‘what you download is what you get’ apps like ‘TravelVegas – Las Vegas Deals.’

The developer TravelVegas I can see as being successful is they continue to produce this calibre of app quality. This is a niche app that is not wildly general – it focuses on people travelling to Las Vegas and the material and functions of this app are relevant to the goal and aim of the app, and that is to give you all you need for a holiday in Vegas on one single device. Convenient with a capital ‘C’.

So, in conclusion, this is the ideal app to research the Las Vegas area, book your hotel, transportation, look for attractions and clue yourself up on the latest Las Vegas bargain deals. You can even book your flight from this app!

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Hi, Kevin here from doing an app review for ‘TravelVegas – Las Vegas Deals” by TravelVegas. This app is a free iPhone guide to Las Vegas and has many features.

I like the icon, as it’s a nice simple design that stands out.

Start application

We’ll just go ahead and start the application up. Now, first of all I’d like to say that having been to America twice on holiday and having really enjoyed my stay there. Las Vegas has always been a place I’d love to visit next in America.

I have to admit that I love playing Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, so a trip to a Las Vegas casino is something that I’d love to do and this app will be an ideal travel companion, as you’ll see in this review.

So, for people thinking of travelling to Vegas, this app will be invaluable. You can see on the opening screen that there are many options here. Such as the latest deals, hotels, shows, places to eat, nightlife, transportation, tours, attractions and even air travel options.

It’s mind boggling, the information that is available in this app. I’ve looked on the App Store for similar apps and I couldn’t find one as detailed as this app that is free to download.

As you can see, we also have 3 tabs at the bottom for travel guides and favourites, as well as the home screen button, which we’re on now. I like the navigation home screen as it’s clearly laid out with text and visual icon images.

Before we click on one of the icons, I’d like to show you a great feature that the developer TravelVegas has incorporated into the home screen here.

Click on weather icon

Clicking on the weather icon it gives us a weather report of the weather conditions in Las Vegas. As you can see, it’s 27 degrees celsius with 15mph winds today. That’s a nice feature to check the weather if you are landing in Las Vegas.

Back to home screen

Going back to the home screen here we’ll click on the information icon.

Click on ‘i’ button 

Here you can change from miles to kilometres or vice versa and switch between fahrenheit and celsius, as well as having links to the ‘TravelVegas’ website and social media sites.

Click on ‘Travel Guides’

Let’s click on Travel Guides. Here you can view taxi tips, tours, shows, attractions advice on booking a vacation in Las Vegas and a lot more.

Click on ‘Free Things To See’

Here we’ve clicked on ‘Free Things To See’ and I can read about the Bellagio fountains, which looks like a fantastic water show, with water doing leaps and sparkling with lighting and music.

I can also view information about the ‘Mirage Volcano’.

Scroll up

Scrolling up, you can get an idea of how many free things to see that are recommended.

Back to ‘Travel Guides’ menu screen

Bear in mind that this is just one category within a wide range of categories. So there is a lot of information here

Click on ‘Favorites’

Here in the favourites menu you can sort and filter favourites. Here I’ve saved a few things that have interested me, such as a ghost hunt tour, which looks like good fun.

Click on ‘Map’

Clicking on the red map icon opens up another fantastic feature that this app has.

Pinch zoom

As you can see I can pinch zoom in and out for a detailed view of the map of Las Vegas.

Click on ‘Location’

Clicking on the location button brings up a scroll wheel where you can select your current location or another area to look at. Such as, North Las Vegas or Downtown Las Vegas for example.

Click on ‘Satellite’

If you click on the ‘Satellite’ button you can view the map as a google bird’s eye view map.

Back to ‘Home’ screen

So you can see that we not only have travel guide information to prepare us for the journey, but we also have a multi-functioning map included too. This is even before we’ve got to clicking on the main icons.

I don’t know what we’d need in our travel bag after downloading this app. It’s safe to say though that our travel bag is going to be pretty light!

Click on ‘Deals’

Clicking on the ‘Deals’ icon here brings up a list that’s constantly being updated, bringing us all of the best deals up for grabs.

Click on ‘Limo Tour Offer’

This offer has recently expired but just clicking on ‘Limo Tour’ here as an example, I can see that I could have got 50% off a 60 minute stretch limo tour with champagne included.

Back to ‘Home Sreen’ – ‘Hotels’

We have hotel recommendations and information, complete with star ratings. Clicking on the Four Seasons hotel I can call them, get directions, book a room, look at where they are on the map and even visit their website. It even tells me about where to eat there also. . . . That’s a lot of useful information there. Very handy.

Back to ‘Home Screen’ – ‘Shows’

I can bring up information about shows. Such as the ‘Amazing Jonathan’ show, which again gives me all the information I need, complete with reviews.

Back to ‘Home Screen’ – ‘Dining’

There is dining information. Here I’m looking at the Alize restaurant information. Again, you can call them or book a table directly from this app. Or look on their website for more information. As you can see, even the opening and closing hours can be seen.

Back to ‘Home Screen’ – ‘Nightlife’

There are suggestions for nightlife, such as the bare pool lounge, which sounds like an interesting place, wink, wink 🙂

Back to ‘Home Screen’ – ‘Transportation’

You can arrange transportation, such as Avis. Here I can click on an individual branch near to wherever I am to book a car.

Click on ‘Search Icon’

There is a search utility included in this app if you want to look for anything in particular.

Click on ‘Home Screen’ – ‘Attractions’

There is advice for attractions to see, such as the ‘Adventure Dome’.

Click on ‘Details’

I don’t know what the Adventure Doom is all about, so as you can see, I can click on ‘details’ and the app brings up detailed information for me. Telling me that there are 25 rides and even a climbing wall there. And even a 4-D Spongebob Squarepants show for the children.

Click on ‘Home Screen’ – ‘Air’

As if this wasn’t complete enough, you can even book your flight through this app!.


I’d have to say that after looking in detail at TravelVegas – Las Vegas Deals, I’m really impressed with the huge amount of detail and advice that you can find. This app would literally be all you need for travelling to Las Vegas, besides your clothes and a passport.

You don’t have to buy a map, tour guides or do Internet research on the area. It will personally give me confidence when I travel to Vegas as this app can clue you up on where to go and what deals are on too. No need to get dragged around on a tour with this app if you don’t want to. But hey, if you like tours, you can find them in this app too.

I always try to give constructive criticism to the developer when giving an app review, but I admit that I was really racking my brains on this one, as it really is packed with all the features you’ll ever need. Perhaps in the ‘Travel Guides’ section emergency phone numbers could be added, together with any dangers or scams to look out for, as there always are in tourist areas. However, this is not a criticism, more of an idea for an added information post, that would be easy to add. Yeah, I really can’t fault this app to be honest.

In a nutshell, I’m really impressed with this app as it is a very useful tool and helps in real world situations when travelling to Vegas. In fact, if you’ve been to Vegas before, this app will no doubt come in handy for researching some areas that you maybe haven’t yet been to.

The layout is clean, clear and simple to use and navigate around. I’d highly recommend this app as it will save you money and time.

Well, that’s all from me reviewing ‘TravelVegas – Las Vegas Deal’ by TravelVegas. Thank you for watching!


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    • Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review your app too, as I enjoyed reviewing Travel Vegas because it was packed with so much useful content. I wish you guys all the success now and with future projects 🙂

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