Top Grossing Movies in Asia

Top Movies Grossing In Asia

Movies are a top choice by people for their entertainment. When viewed on the big screen, it gives the audience a different kind of experience, one that allows them to be transported to another era or setting.

This need for entertainment is what inspires film makers to create movies that they feel will not only educate the people but something that they can relate to and help relieve their stress. Asia is one continent that has a thriving film industry and has millions of movie fans as well. Numerous foreign films notably those from Hollywood shown in the region have become box office hits in different Asian countries and this situation continues until today.

Letâ??s find out then what latest movies have gained the attention of Asians in the recent months.

For 2012, The Avengers was a top grossing film in the region before the release of Spider-Man 3. The film earned $217 million making it the third highest grossing movie of all time trailing behind Titanic and Avatar. The Avengers was a hit in Korea and India.

As expected, Spider-Man 3 earned huge revenues on opening day in various Southeast Asian nations to include Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Japan and the Philippines.

In 2011, foreign films that earned well at the box office in Hong Kong and the rest of Asia are Transformer 3, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Mission Impossible â?? Ghost Protocol. Transformer 3 grossed $10.8 million in Hong Kong alone followed by Harry Potter at $9.8 million.

In terms of local films, China, South Korea, Thailand, India, Malaysia and the Philippines are among those that have a thriving movie industry. In 2008, Malaysia experienced the growth at 24 percent. China is seen as having a great growth potential moving forward but is still behind India, Korea and Japan.

Chinese films are also becoming popular in other countries as proven by the showings of Red Cliff. Film companies in China have also been tapped by Dreamworks to produce animated movies. Another interesting development worth noting is that China has decided to finance a Hollywood movie that features a superhero known as The Annihilator.

Meanwhile, Sector 7, a sci-fi ocean thriller became the top grossing Korean film in China in December 2011. This large-scale 3D film earned $3.1 million on opening alone.

So you see, whether itâ??s local or foreign films shown in Asia, they have a chance to do well in the box office.

About the guest author:

Janine is an entertainment blogger who covers the Asian market. She has intentions to study Thai online in preparation for her next assignment in Thailand.

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  1. Great post Janine. 🙂
    You probably already know, but there are some great Thai ghost movies out there. Some are so-so, but there is the odd one that is really scary. I think Japanese and Thai ghost movies are the most scariest because they are genuinely scared of ghosts. Here are my top 5 favourite Thai/Japanese films.

    Twins (Faet) – Her twin sister dies, and when she’s walking along the beach she sees two sets of footprints.
    Mae Nak – There are about 18 versions of this famous Thai ghost. Search recommendations for the best one.
    The Shutter – The original Thai version is the best.
    Pee Chong Air – A woman is killed and dismembered by her husband and hidden in the air conditioning unit, only to seek revenge on a group of friends renting the apartment.
    Ju Awn – The Asian version of the Western remake (The Grudge) both the original and the Western remake are excellent.

    As for the scariest – Ju Awn and Pee Chong Air get my vote.

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