Top 6 Free Android Apps for Music Lovers

After years of dominating the smartphone market, Appleâ??s iPhone finally faces a legitimate challenger in the form of devices powered by Googleâ??s Android OS. With the launch of Android 4.0 â??Jellybeanâ?, Google can claim to have a mobile operating system that can rival and even outperform Appleâ??s iOS.

The one thing that always gave iOS the advantage over its competitors was the large number of apps available on the iTunes store. However, that is no longer the case. Once Google launched the revamped Play Store, it flooded the new Android app store with the very same apps that are available to iOS users. Moreover, since Android allows app developers to include advertising in their apps, many of the apps that have to be paid for in iOS are available for free on Android devices. Here are the top 6 free Android apps for music lovers.


Winamp has long been the best music player for PCs. Its developer, Nullsoft Inc. has ensured that the same is true of its Android counterpart as well. For listening to music on your Android smartphone, you canâ??t do any better than Winamp. There is a WinampPro available for purchase that packs in more features, but the basic free application is good enough for most users.

Music Volume EQ

Most of the free media player apps for Android do not have an in-built equalizer. If they do have one, it is usually an extra feature that needs to be unlocked by buying the full version of the app. Not only is Music Volume EQ a free app, it works with most major Android media players (including Winamp) while packing bass boost and virtualizer effects.


We have all been in a situation where we like a song that we are listening to, but have no means to find out what the song title is or who the artist is. This is where SoundHound proves to a very valuable tool. The app listens to the song and goes online to find song details, including title, artist and album. It also allows you to share songs you have found via Facebook and Twitter.


One of the best things about having a data plan for your smartphone is being able to access Internet radio stations. While there are a number of different online radio station apps available for Android, TuneIn is undoubtedly your best option. The app allows you to tune in to music, news and talk radio stations from across the world. Besides global radio stations the app also boasts access to millions of on-demand programs.


SoundCloud has become the worldâ??s leading social platform for music lovers. It is an excellent place to share your music and discover new artists. Now, you can do this on the go thanks to the SoundCloud app. The app also allows you to record sounds using the smartphone and upload it directly to your SoundCloud account.


Songify is definitely one of the most entertaining apps for your Android-powered smartphone. The app records your voice and turns speech automatically into music. The app guarantees to provide hours of entertainment as you play around with the various options.

There is a saying that the best things in life are for free. These free Android apps definitely prove it to be true.

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  1. I love music. I like to hear music all time even when I am in toilet. Music refreshes my monotony and give a rhythm to work. I need to play music everywhere. So I am too much careful about music player. Because music player plays a vital role for my music listening. I have an android phone. I use this device to play music. In google play store I found many music player. Among them Powerapm is my most favorite. I like it for its cool interface and awesome music quality. I don’t want to say anything more about it. Just try it and you will understand why it is my favorite.

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