Top 5 Unusual Pets And Why People Love Them

Most Unusual Pets To Own

In a household, pets are common. Families include dogs in their Christmas pictures and a single person may look to a cat for comfort when living alone.But cats, dogs, and fish aren’t the only animals you can have, here is a list of the top 5 Unusual Pets and why people love them.

1. Piranhas

One of the more dangerous pets on the list, Piranhas are fairly easy to obtain from an exotic pet store and are often low in cost, starting at $7. Most see Piranhas as blood thirsty beasts but in circumstances like the Red Bellied Piranhas, they are sometimes timid and scare easily. Piranhas require a diet of frozen meat and large tanks, they make a great completion to a home aquarium.

2. Sugar Gliders

Another unusual but extremely cute pet is a Sugar Glider. Since they are small and easy to take care of, they are a popular pet amongst people who are looking for an exotic pet. After an appropriate amount of training and patience a bond can be formed between an owner and a sugar glider, creating an endearing relationship and endless entertainment. Although Sugar Gliders tend to be healthy, they do require extra attention, a strict diet and a specialty vet.

3. Skunks

It is important to check your state’s laws before acquiring an exotic pet. Skunks are less likely to be found in homes not because of their smell but because of the laws restricting keeping them captive. Pet skunks can live indoors much like dogs and cats and the more you handle them as a baby, the more gentle they’ll be as adults. The glands that emit the foul smell known as their defensive mechanism against predators can be removed and coddling the pet skunk will create a bond just as strong as one an owner could have with a cat or dog.

4. Quails

If you are looking for an energetic pet, Quails are the perfect choice. People love Quails because of their ability to bring out even the most withdrawn. Research says that a Quails flightiness and skittish nature is the perfect amount of energy for an autistic individual or an individual with Aspergers. Quails are easy to care for and their diet is comparable to that of a chickens, including regular bird feed that is very low cost.

5. Potbellied Pigs

Another cute and unusual pet would be a potbellied pig. Potbellied pigs are intelligent, easy to train, affectionate, curious, playful and although it may be hard to believe, they are clean. Some things to be aware of with pigs is their quest for food and their intelligence mixed, pigs can become easily bored and may wreak havoc in your cupboards.
Although there are many reliable pets for your home, such as a dog or cat but if someone is interested in owning an exotic pet, this list may help them. With Potbellied Pigs, Quails, Skunks, Sugar Gliders, and Piranhas being equal parts entertaining, exotic and rewarding for pet owners.

Carl Johnson writes for, a site which provides guides on how to incubate quail eggs along with other poultry species.

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  1. I once new someone in Asia who owned an emu on his farm. The emu escaped and ran down a duel carriage way and made the news. He got a pretty big fine. In most areas of the world I doubt if it’s legal to own an emu however.

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