Top 5 Pieces of Equipment Necessary To Make Your Own Video

With so many free venues available to publish a homemade movie or promotional video, the question isn’t why, but why not? Want to produce a video of grandma snoring? All someone needs for that is a smart phone. However, for a more polished presentation the home producer only needs five pieces of equipment. The neat thing is that they can all be purchased used.

The Camera
A digital video camera is essential. Consider the budget for your film to determine how much to spend. A great deal of money can go into purchasing a video camera, so consider how the camera is to be used. An excellent camera will not stop unsteady hands. The best video editing software cannot fix shaky shots. Unless that wobbly, handheld result is desired, use a tripod to make sure the camera is still while filming.
The best way to avoid an amateurish video is to have good quality sound. Most microphones that come as part of the camera are not sufficient for producing videos. Pick up a good quality microphone. Fortunately, microphones can be found for under $40.00. The two basic types of microphones are the clip-on and the larger handheld microphone. Both types provide excellent sound quality. Check on whether a microphone adapter is required to record in stereo.
Lighting can make or break a video. Not enough light and the subject is too dark. Too much and the subject washes out. Basic lighting kits start around $60.00. Look for lighting kits that contain reflective umbrellas to direct light and appropriate lights. Allow time to learn how to use this equipment. With a little practice, it will be easy to direct lighting in the most effective way.
Mac, PC, or laptop, a computer is the “cutting room” where edits are made, the sound manipulated, and effects added. Purchasing a computer goes straight to the top of the most expensive equipment used. Check with family and friends to see if a laptop is available to borrow before purchasing a computer.
Video Editing Software
Video editing software comes in a wide range of prices. Do not be fooled into thinking that the higher-priced software is better. Editing video is a learned skill. More expensive software will not make anyone a better video editor. Just because a software package may have a lower price tag does not mean it should be avoided. Compare the different packages available. Look for one that will be easy to use.
These five pieces of equipment will allow anyone to create a polished video, can be purchased at reasonable prices, acquired used, or borrowed. With a little practice and experimentation, this basic equipment can create an outstanding result.

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Peter Wendt is a freelance article writer living in Austin, Texas.  When he is not writing, he enjoys filming videos to remember the great memories he has with his family.  He recommends going to this site to learn more about making videos.

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