Top 5 Math Learning Apps For Kids

iPods and Students

Applications on iPhones and Android devices allow users to increase productivity, communicate effectively and even learn new information on a wide range of subjects.

If you have kids and you want to install math-related applications on their phones or iPads, there are a few math learning apps that can truly come in handy. Math applications are ideal for children and adults for all ages, whether learning about multiplication and division or geometry and algebra.

Quick Math

Quick Math is an ideal application for the iPad if you want your child to quickly learn all about times tables while improving their ability to add, subtract, multiple and divide. There are various techniques to quickly learning how to work with numbers, which are provided with Quick Math. Different “math drills” can be completed and the application allows users to create multiple accounts to keep track of progress and history.

Doodle Learning Math

Doodle Learning Math is an extremely fun and addicting math-related application that is ideal for children of all ages who are learning more about solving problems and understanding different mathematical challenges. Doodle Learning Math is free to download and includes a wide variety of graphics and sounds, which keep children coming back for more, even if it is math-related. Learning to quickly add, subtract, multiply and divide is possible with the Doodle Learning Math app, which provides different levels of difficulty that become more intense as your child improves his or her skills. There are different challenges available to keep your child interested in learning more about math without using basic books and classroom settings.

Math Ref

Math Ref is an application that provides over 1,400 math-related formulas and calculations, ideal for measuring and converting numbers. Additionally, chemistry, physics and math drills are also included within the app, helping to boost knowledge of conversions and various types of calculations that can be done in any field of math. In addition to using Math Ref as a learning device, is it also ideal if you need a simple calculator or if you are interested in converting numbers and other measurements.

Marble Math Junior

If your child prefers games when learning, Marble Math Junior is one of the best apps to choose from, regardless of your child’s current ability to complete math problems. Marble Math Junior provides puzzles that can be completed by “collecting virtual numbers” by solving math problems with multiple levels of difficulty that increase over time as your child progresses through the puzzle. There are also virtual mazes that must be completed by learning and completing various math problems, keeping your child entertained, focused while also improving his or her memory when working with any type of math equations.

iTooch Elementary School

iTooch Elementary School is an application that not only provides challenges related to math, but also science and language arts. The application is ideal for children who are ages 8-12, depending on your child’s own skills in the areas that are covered with the application. Using a virtual blackboard and visually-stimulating graphics and diagrams, learning various calculations and how to solve mathematical problems has never been so fun. The application is free to download and is powered by eduPad.

Using math learning apps on your child’s iPad or iPhone device is a great way to introduce the fun in numbers right at their fingertips, without the traditional use of books and plenty of studying. Math applications help to improve memory while also familiarizing your child with the various options they have when calculating and determining different solutions that are available for any type of math-related problem.

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