Top 5 Efficient ‘Quit Smoking’ Apps Of 2012

In spite of the anti-smoking legislation and wide variety of products on the market to help you quit, the authorities report that an alarming number of 3,800 children puff out their first cigarette each day.

In addition, it appears that the overwhelming majority of those kids will turn to regular smokers in their adulthood. And worst of all, most of the smokers are quite aware of the negative consequences of smoking.

quit smoking apps

If you are considering kicking this unhealthy habit, then I’m not going to lie to you and tell you it’s going to be easy. Smoking is a serious problem and smoking cessation is another critical issue that should not be taken lightly. Perhaps the most important tip to remember is that quitting cold turkey is very dangerous, as that could lead to serious health complications depending on how many cigarettes you used to smoke per day.

A better alternative involves getting an efficient electronic cig, as this device can emulate both the smoking gesture as well as satisfy your nicotine craving at the same time. And, since you could really use all the help you can get, you should consider using some of the smoke cessation apps released this year. Following is a top with the apps that received the best ratings in 2012,

  • iQuit

If you have attempted to quit because you were convinced by the cold, harsh facts of what smoking implies then you should try iQuit. However, before you get to know the impact your big decision has on your health, you will need to introduce some relevant info in the dashboard, such as the day you quit or how many cigarettes you used to smoke per day. The major benefit of the apps is that it doesn’t just show you the effects on your health, but also provides info on how much money you saved. Overall, it’s quite a motivational boon even for those who havenâ??t stopped smoking yet.

  • GottaKickit Now

In case you have been smoking for years then it will just feel unnatural to drink your coffee/tea without a cigarette in your hand, wouldnâ??t it? In my opinion, the behaviors associated with smoking constitute one of the key reasons why it’s so hard to quit. If this is the case for you, then the good news is that you can break your smoking schedule with the GottaKickit Now app for iPhone. All you have to do is create an efficient plan and start analyzing the effects then and now. On a side note, this is a great app to use in combination with an e cigs.

  • Get Rich or Die Smoking

At times, there is no better incentive to quit smoking than the financial aspect of your habit. What makes this Android app stand out of the crowd is the fact that it doesn’t just show you how much money you saved, but it also demonstrates what you could do with the cash. It is necessary to mention that the positive reinforcement technique is commonly used in cognitive-behavioral psychology and NLP, as it has provided numerous long-term life benefits.

  • Quit It Lite

Quit It Lite is a free app for iPhone that bring ex-smokers and those who want to quit together to communicate so they can share their experiences. After all, who can understand what you’re going through better than an ex-smoker, right? Essentially, this motivational app could help you stand by your decision to quit easier. In addition to sharing your smoking cessation tips with others, Quit It Lite also integrates a prize system that rewards you according the amount of cash you saved and how much your health has improved since you decided to quit.

  • Tweetsmoking

As its name suggests, Tweetsmoking is a wacky app that permits you to post your progress and thoughts on smoking cessation on Tweeter. Irrespective of the questions, failures and success you want to share with your friends, thanks to the tweetsmoking app you can post them with just one tap of the smartphone. Maybe the most intriguing aspect of the app resides in the rose graphic displayed that gets younger and more beautiful with each day you don’t smoke. Quite quirky, considering that the app monitors and provides info on your vitamin C replenishment and skin improvements.

Even though Chad is mostly focused on writing e cig reviews such as V2 cigs review, sometimes he also enjoys proving useful tips for people who want kick the smoking habit in other ways.


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  1. I love the App “Get Rich or Die Smoking”. It offers a community with great ppl helping each offer to not quit the quit 🙂

    • Thanks Julia, I’ll check this app out. I’m sure that if cigarettes were invented today they’d be banned as they kill more people than heroin overdoses, Cocaine overdoses and car crashes combined due to smoking related deaths. There’s just too much money invested by big companies now. In China the government actively encourage people to smoke and people feel proud that they are helping the economy. Some Chinese health care workers actually believe that if you stop smoking you will get cancer. An example of brainwashing where money is put as more of a priority than people dying.

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